If you’re an adventure seeker looking for a genuine travel experience or a professional interested in developing your career, you should consider working abroad.
Working abroad provides an amazing opportunity to sightsee, learn about different cultures, develop new skills, build career paths, and network with international organizations while getting paid.
Check out these 28 websites to help you start searching for international work that fits best with your travel desires and job expectations.

Short-Term Travel (less than one year)

1. Working Abroad

This site is great for anyone just starting their work abroad experience. With a diverse range of projects as well as informative resources, Working Abroad has everything you need to kick start your trip abroad.

Other features:

  • Visa information, work permits, and transportation requirements
  • Blog with updates and reflection for different projects

2. Summer Jobs Abroad

From summer camp and resort hospitality positions, to sales and harvesting jobs, this site provides many opportunities for someone looking for more uncommon short term work. The site also includes links to its international companies currently recruiting new staff members.

Other features:
  • Employer directory with links
  • Newsletter subscription

3. JAB

This site provides classified recruitment ads for short-term work abroad with volunteer and gap-year opportunities. Pick a country or region and start searching for the type of work you’re interested in.

Other features:
  • Jobs directory based on category
  • Course enrollment for cooking, survival, arts, language, and more

4. One World 365

This organization helps people book trips with the purpose of learning, volunteering, or simply touring a country. It offers many online courses for things like language and job training classes to help prepare travelers for whatever they’ll be doing on their adventure. With over a hundred destinations to choose from, a fun experience awaits every type of traveler.

Other features:
  • Seasonal positions based by country
  • Hotel search and flight booking assistance
  • Online courses for language, TEFL, and ski and snowboard instruction
  • Resourceful travel blog

5. Gapyear.com

A company designed for anyone interested in taking a gap year abroad teaching, interning, nursing, or doing other temporary jobs to help pay for travel expenses. Offering message boards, a newsletter, and advice from seasoned travelers, this site provides everything you need to know about the gap year process.
Other features:
  • Free membership sign up
  • Work starter kits
  • Advice blog for new travelers

6. Oyster World Wide

This travel specialist provides paid work and volunteer opportunities in 22 countries. Travelers can also choose packages based on how long they’d like to travel—anywhere between one week and one year.

Other features:
  • Wide variety of jobs
  • Blog about ongoing projects and testimonies
  • Active support system throughout abroad experience

7. Geovisions

Geovisions is an experienced international education and cultural exchange company that focuses on paid au pair style jobs and teaching positions abroad. Geovisions chooses only qualified candidates for each of its programs, so having prior work experience specific to your field of interest will help when applying for a position or program.

Other features:
  • English teaching opportunities
  • Volunteer, internship, and camp counselor opportunities
  • Blog containing personal accounts of Geovision users

8. Greenheart Travel

Greenheart’s mission is to “provide cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders.” Get paid to teach English in up to 8 listed countries or work short-term jobs in Australia or New Zealand.

Other features:
  • Internships available
  • Teen and high school options
  • Homestay and TEFL certification resources

9. Cultural Vistas

This is a nonprofit exchange organization collaborating with multiple institutions to develop great international experiences. Opportunities include several internship and fellowship programs that foster professional and academic growth. Perfect for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or professionals with a few years of work-related experience.

Other features:
  • Scholarship applications available
  • Newsfeed/ blog about Cultural Vistas’ programs

10. Transition Abroad

From featured internships and study abroad programs, to teaching and volunteer opportunities, Transition Abroad provides expert advice and resources on every type of overseas work.

Other features:
  • Free guides and articles for working abroad
  • Includes high school and college abroad opportunities


The British Universities North America Club provides work abroad opportunities from all over the world. This easy to navigate site allows you to choose your destination and explore different job paths associated with that place.

Other features:
  • Scholarships, awards, and competition applications
  • Newsletter and blog subscriptions
  • Summer job and camp opportunities

Long-Term Travel
(more than one year)

12. Go Abroad

With a mission to broaden perspectives through international travel, this site has built its campaign around a purpose-driven travel experience. Go Abroad provides both short and long term travel engagements.
Other features:
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • TEFL resources
  • Active blog

13. Easy Expat

This site walks you through the process of working or moving abroad one step at a time, offering expert travel guides and job listings. Easy Expat makes the international transition as smooth as possible for travelers.

Other features:
  • Resources for cost of living, travel expenses, job offers, etc.
  • Blog and personal interviews available

14. Career Trotter

This job search engine posts professional positions specifically for multilingual professionals. Career Trotter is great for anyone interested in putting their second or third languages to good use in a professional work environment.

Other features:
  • Job locations all over Europe and South Africa
  • Country information like tax rates, banking, fun activities, and weather

15. Idealist

Idealist’s mission is to “connect people who want to do good with opportunities for action and collaboration.” This is a great site for anyone looking to get started with an internship or to expand upon their expertise with an abroad career.

Other features:
  • Refine search by position, country, education requirements, salary, or language
  • Blog about cover letter, resume, interview tips, and all things professional

job interview.jpg

16. Higher Ed Jobs

This site is focused on academic-based jobs and career information. Specifically for educators like college professors looking for work overseas.

Other features:
  • Connections with over 5,400 institutions worldwide
  • Create a free account to connect with job agents, post resumes, and track applications

17. Nakuri International

India’s largest job directory website provides professional full-time positions all over the world.

Other features:
  • Refined search options: position, country, and salary
  • Browse and connect with recruiters
  • Career resources available like resume writing services, eLearning/ certifications, etc.

18. Peace Corps

Although its operations are considered voluntary, the Peace Corps is a great way to travel and make an impact on others while learning about other cultures. Many projects are located in unsafe countries, demanding a high level of commitment and cultural awareness.
Some projects include youth community engagement, environmental awareness outreach, and teaching English. However, if you’re looking to learn valuable skills and make a difference in the world, this is a perfect abroad program to get interested in.
Other features:
  • Variety of countries and projects
  • Benefits include medical and dental benefits, transportation and more
  • $8,000 after completion of two years of service

19. A-id

A-id is a company focused entirely on international development who strives to improve the dynamics of a community through political, economic, and social engagement. This organization provides detailed descriptions of job and internship opportunities across the globe—specifically those in the economic, political, and social sector.
Other features:
  • Career search engine
  • Updated political and economic news of other countries

20. NPA World Wide

This site is primarily for recruiters pairing with NPA to advertise open positions. However, it does provide a section for job seekers looking to connect with recruiters and apply for full-time positions internationally.

Other features:
  • Members can connect with recruiters all over the world
  • Blog posts, press releases, testimonials

21. Prospects

As experts in graduate careers, Prospects helps students and graduates find positions all around the world based on their degree. It includes interview advice and a search-by-degree application for anyone confused about how they can use their area of study professionally.

Other features:
  • Links to specific corporations of available jobs provided
  • Career advice and interview tips

22. Eteach International

This site offers a better way for schools to recruit new staff. It offers free access to career advice while providing a central hub for educators to find international teaching positions.

Other features:
  • Primarily for people interested in teaching overseas at every level
  • Location guides based on country’s region
  • Tips for educators considering international career

23. Life after Study Abroad

This site is for anyone who studied abroad through college and is looking for ways to return back to the abroad life. It provides resources on volunteer opportunities, jobs abroad, teaching positions, graduate study abroad programs, and more. Its magazine is free online for anyone eager to travel again.

Other features:
  • Magazine, FAQ, and writing opportunities for people to share experiences
Remote Jobs
If you’re not interested in a desk job no matter the location, consider applying for remote jobs. Here are some of the best sites to find that perfect remote position.

24. We Work Remotely

This remote job search website provides updated job listings for professional positions. Whether you’re looking for a job in programming, sales, marketing, writing, design, business management, or customer service, We Work Remotely has the resources you need for your job search journey.
Other features:
    • Detailed job descriptions with easy access to company websites.

25. Travel Me.World

With a combination of remote and travel based jobs, this site provides a wide range of options. It is user friendly and leads you through the searching process efficiently.
Other features:
    • Subscription opportunity
    • Travel stories blog

26. Working Nomads

This site provides detailed job listings for thousands of remote job positions. Signing up is free and easy.
Other features:
    • Daily/ weekly job alert emails  
    • Categorized job listings

27. Flexjobs

This professional job search service connects hundreds of quality companies to job seekers. Although Flexjobs requires a small fee, it provides several key benefits for anyone pursuing part-time careers and freelancing projects.
Other features:
    • Signing up allows you access to special partner offers, skills tests, company research, daily job posts, and much more
    • Well-structured blog

28. Remotive

Remotive lists several job opportunities from over 25 companies, focusing primarily on engineering, education, business, marketing, and sales positions.
Other features:
    • Sign up for Remotive’s Slack Community
    • Blog with professional interviews and advice articles
Once you’ve found your ideal job, you can take the next step to turn your work abroad dreams into reality! It’s important to know the required travel documentation you’ll need in order to work abroad. For example, if you’re traveling to Europe, you might need a Schengen Visa before you can work. Make sure you research the travel visa requirements of the country you are visiting.


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