Teaching isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s filled with unexpected moments and never-ending paperwork.  Thankfully, it’s also a profession that’s filled with rewards that outweigh the trials.  Whether you’re a veteran teacher or just embarking on your teaching career, here are 20 reminders why you have the most important job in the world as an educator.
Teaching is a Great Profession Because…

1.  You witness daily “lightbulb” moments when students finally understand and master a skill.
2.  Kids are fun!
3.  You make a difference in a child’s life every single day.
4.  You get to read beautiful children’s picture books on a daily basis.
5.  Everyday you play the role of actress, comedian, coach, cheerleader, parent, juggler, and super organized multi-tasker.  You are a super hero without the cape!
6.  You are a lifelong learner and learning is fun.
7.  Your professional wardrobe is filled with comfortable clothes and shoes.
8.  Creativity is encouraged.
9.  There is never a dull moment in your classroom.
10.  You can wear a battery operated, light-up sweater with a flashing reindeer nose in December and 24 5-year olds think you are a fashionista.
11.  No two days are ever exactly alike.
12.  It challenges you intellectually, creatively, and emotionally to be the best you can be.
13.  You get to teach students life lessons every day.  From success to failure, you guide them through each phase of learning.
14.  No other profession has such a wonderful support and mentor system that encourages you to succeed.
15.  Time off during the winter holidays to spend with family and friends.
16.  You become an expert at behavior management and organizing your time.
17.  Other teachers are willing to share ideas online to help you with lesson planning.
18.  You will always be aware of the current toy/eraser/collecting card/bracelet obsession and will soon amass a collection of them on your desk when they distract your students.
19.  You have the privilege of seeing students progress and grow throughout their time in your classroom.
20.  Summer vacation, because it gives you uninterrupted time to plan for next year.  Everyone knows – it’s not really time off!
Thank you for all that you do to make the classroom a magnificent learning environment for your students. You change the future every single day.  You are appreciated!


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