1. With reference to two poems that you have read in this section, show how the poets have addressed the issue of leaders’ irresponsibility. Give four points from each poem.

1.      Analyse the causes of conflicts in the two plays that you have studied in this section. Give four points from each reading.

2.      Figures of speech are used by novelists to colour their literary works. Analyse the effectiveness of these elements in presenting the message by referring to the two novels that you have studied.
Give four points from each novel.

3.      “Poets like other literary artists have messages they want to convey to their readers through poems”. Discuss the statement referring to two poems you have read and appreciated. Give four messages from each poem.

4.      13. Choose eight characters, four from each of the two plays you have read under this section and discuss their roles to the societies.

5.      With reference to any two novels you have read under this section, explain how the behaviour of some of the characters affect the welfare of the majority in society. Give four points from each novel.
6.      With reference to two poems you have studied in this section, comment on the poet’s use of language. Give four points from each poem.

7.      Using two plays you have studied in this section, discuss how some traditions, customs and beliefs contribute to misunderstandings and underdevelopment in a society. Give four points from
each play.

8.       In literary works, the titles enable the readers to understand the message(s) the writer wants to convey. Verify this statement using two novels or short stories that you have studied in this section.
9. Choose one (1) poem you have read and clearly analyse it by considering the following:
(i) Message (what it is about/what do we learn from it?).
(ii) Theme (the central idea).
(iii) Relevance to the present­day situation in your society.

10 For a change to take place, conflicts are inevitable. Justify this statement making reference to four (4) poems you have read.

11. Family stability is highly determined by the relationship between wife and husband. When this relationship is bad, it causes instability in the family. Support the above veiw point using two (2) novels under this section.

12. In African societies, there were divisions among members when referring to issues of modernity. Discuss the statement with examples from two of the prescribed plays

13. Discuss how European colonization of Africa is portrayed in four poems of your choice Is it true that the problems and injustices experienced by the people in the books you have read are caused by the white man? Use two plays as references to support your arguments.

14. With reference to any two novels you have read under this section, discuss things which you think Poems have their own part to play in the struggle to create a new man.

15. Use the following poem to prove the statement.

Lost Beauty
There are only white women around:
Awful fakes of white females
Reflecting an awful mass of ugliness:
And I want a lady
To mount the rostrum with
And declare to the world:
"Black is beautiful!"
Yes, I want a black beauty queen
With ebony thighs and huge hips
With skin sweating blackness
And a face dark as the night
And bare breasts bouncing
Vigour and energy.
But my eyes, oh my eyes!
They don't see anything black;
It's only white skins and masks
Flashing past and slashing,
Destroying my sight so
I can't get what I want.
I cry and sing to them
The inbred tune of our people
I shout to them in a black tongue
But no black sister hears me;
Only white masks I see.
I turn and weep upon myself
And then, only then I realised:
I am not black either.

16. Explain the important items to be considered in the criticism of a poem.

17. Some male leaders abuse power entrusted to them by using it to win love. Referring to two plays you have read, verify this statement.

18. If you were given a chance to suggest some themes in novel that are relevant in Tanzania today which ones would you suggest? Use two novels to make references as you respond to the question are not good to be practiced with the future generations.


Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow:
How is development
To be brought brother
When the people to whom
We have entrusted power
Are corrupt?
I plead the stomachs of the privileged few
Greater than the Rift Valley;
They cannot be satisfied
With a normal share
I plead the thirst
OF the minority
Greater than that of the Sahara;
No rains can satisfy it
The majority plead
But brother
How development is to come?
(a) What is the poem about?
(b) Is the persona happy in this poem? Give reasons.
(c) How many stanzas are there?
(d) What are the possible two themes in this poem?
(e) Show the relevance of the themes portrayed in this poem to your society.
(f) Who is the persona in this poem?
(g) What type of poem is this?
(h) What is the message that is carried by this poem?
(i) How many verses are in the poem?
(j) Comment on the language use in this poem.

19. Differentiate poetry from other readings like novel.

21. Suggest lessons which can be drown from the two plays you have read under this section. Give
four lessons from each play.

22. “The HIV/AIDS pandemic spreads like a burning fire in the forest.” Verify this statement using
one novel you have read.



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