Atangana –Juliette’s father
Makrita – Atangana’s wife.
Oyono – Atangana’s son
Julliette – Atangana’s daughter
Abessolo – Juliette’s grandfather
Bella        - Juliette’s grandmother
Ondua –Atangana’s brother.
Matalina – Ondua’s daughter.                          
Mbarga – the village headman.
Mezoe – a relative.
Kouma – Juliette’s cousin.
Oko - Juliette’s fiancĂ©.
Ndi- the first suitor.
Mbia – the second suitor.
Engulu – Mbia’s driver.
Tchetgen – the third suitor.
Sangatiti – the witch doctor


The scene breaks by Atangana who is complaining about his wife who has delayed to come back from the farm and cook for him. They have a serious discussion in which Abessolo suggests that Atangana and Ondua should beat their wives and daughters. On the same day they are expecting Mbia the civil servant to come in order to marry Juliette who is still studying at Libamba. Unknowingly, Juliette arrives the same day and when she is told the idea of marrying Mbia she rejects it because she claims not to love him.

The whole family is surprised to hear such a response and becomes disappointed by her reaction. The whole family expects to get rich through her, just as Meca’s daughter who was married the 12th wife of the Deputy of the Secretary of State and since then she has been helping her family, so they expect Juliette to do the same.

We are also told that there is a young farmer called Ndi who has already paid 100,000/= francs for Juliette. Eventually, the Civil Servant arrives and everybody is impressed.

Atangana beats the drum to welcome the whole village to come and meet Mbia. Mbia is pompous and boastful. He introduces himself as a great man who is known personally by the Secretary of State. Additionally, he brings a lot of drinks for villagers to drink. In the middle of the discussion Abessolo asks Mbia’s genealogy, and finds out that he is related to Juliette and declares marriage impossible. There is a general tension among the villagers, such that they decide to brush aside the idea of genealogy and continue with the process.

Mbia pays 200,000/= francs as a bride price and Atangana declares marriage settled. On top of the bride price they also mention a lot of things to be brought along before the marriage is registered. They also find out that Mbia has got 8 wives and Juliette is going to be the 9th wife. Women are not involved in this discussion. When it is over, Juliette again refuses to marry Mbia no matter how much he has paid. She tells them that she is engaged to someone else whom she loves. Atangana threatens to beat her and says she will marry Mbia whether she likes or not. Oko appears and they discuss the matter with Juliette. Juliette steals the money paid for her and hands it to Oko and Kouma to be used later as a bride price.


The family is happy because Oyono (Juliette’s brother) will now have enough money for which to pay for the wife he wants to marry. Still Juliette refuses and says that money does not prove love. Bella says girls are not allowed to fall in love without the permission of their families. Atangana comes back with Ndi, who has come to take Juliette on hearing that she has come. They tell him the story about the civil servant and Ndi suggests that he would rather have his money back. On hearing this Atangana is impressed and rushes into the house to take the money and finds out that the money is missing.

Meanwhile Abessolo, Mbarga and Mezoe are discussing about young boys - Owono and Belinga – who have eaten a taboo animal – the viper – without the permission of the elders.  After noticing the theft they ask Ndi to pay some more 200,000/= francs to marry Juliette but he refuses and threatens to bring the police. They turn to Mbia and ask him to add some more 100,000/= francs and take Juliette right away. He also refuses and demands his money back plus threatening to bring 10 police commissioners while Engulu his servant takes notes of all other claims against the villagers. Atangana is worried about the two police threats and they decide to call the witchdoctor.

Sangatiti the witchdoctor performs his rituals and in the process he asks them to give him a lot of things like goats, chicken, money, rams etc. He cheats the villagers about evil spirits like chimpanzees and owls that are troubling them and promises to sell them powerful fetishes to protect them from evil spirits. We are also told of Mbarga the village headman who has 12 wives and wants to marry the 13th. Sangatiti continues with his performance but gives false information about the stolen money. He says for instance that Atangana sold 10 sacks of cocoa two days ago and the trader gave him a magic banknote that took the cocoa money plus the bride price back to the cocoa trader two days ago. The fact is, Atangana sold only 3 sacks of cocoa and it was almost a week and he had received the bride price just the same day of the event. They discover that he is a liar, robber, scoundrel and they beat him up and chase him away.

 They all blame sending girls to schools because they believe schooling has polluted Juliette. They advise Atangana to take Juliette and move with her around the city to find her a husband there, who can pay 300,000/= francs. Juliette proposes to them that if a man comes who will be able to pay the 300,000/= francs at once she will marry him on a condition that they should not demand anything else on top of the bride price. Unfortunately for her a rich trader called Tchetgen appears and they propose the idea to him. They mention a lot of qualities that Juliette has such as education and the foreign languages she can speak. Hearing this Tchetgen says he can only pay the maximum of 200,000/= francs.

Eventually, Oko arrives with Kouma and a band of musicians, dressed like the really great man they are looking for greater than even the civil servant. They all prefer him to marry Juliette because of the way Kouma introduces him. Oko tells them that he will marry Juliette only if she herself agrees. They are all surprised because women have no choice to decide who they should marry. Lastly Oko pays the 300,000/= francs and marries Juliette.


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