TIME: 1963
·         He is the chief of Ilujinle village
·         He is the character who is referred as the lion
·         He is the husband of Sadiku and Ailatu
·         He has conflict with teacher Lakunle because both have been competing to win Sidi's love
·         He has inherited his eldest wife Sadiku from his late father’s Okiki
·         He pretended to be important which led Sidi to go to mock him as the result her virginity has been removed
·         She is the character who is termed to be the jewel due to her beauty
·         She has been loved by teacher Lakunle
·         She told teacher Lakunle if he wants to marry her, he should pay her full bride price
·         Her virginity has been removed by chief Baroka when she went to mock him
·         She is the youngest wife of chief Baroka
·         She has been given special respect of the youngest wife to pluck armpit
·         She is the eldest wife of Baroka.
·         She has been inherited from Baroka father called Okiki who just failed to remove her virginity
·         She has been sent by her husband to seduce Sidi to be the wife of her husband
·         He is a teacher
·         He doesn’t like to pay bride price, this lead to failure to marry Sidi
·         He is irresponsible teacher as he has left his students in the class and went to seduce Sidi
·         He had conflict with chief Baroka because all have been competing for Sidi
·         He is Baroka's father
·         He has married Sadiku but he has failed to remove her virginity, Sadiku later has been inherited by Baroka
The title of the play the lion and the jewel, The title is symbolic because lion means the good animal hunting other animals. In this play Baroka stand as the lion as he is hunting for Sidi and jewel means precious mental like diamond jewel is used to symbolize a beautiful girl called Sidi who is the virgin.
The setting of the play is in Nigeria at Ilunjinle village where women have been oppressed by being married in polygamy and set to seduce women for their husband example Baroka who sent Sadiku to go to seduce Sidi to be his youngest wife ,the setting of Nigeria has been used as the representative of other places in the world where there are oppressed.Within the story there other minor physical setting which are as follows:
·         The physical setting where Baroka is seen in his room with his wife , Ailatu plucking Baroka’s armpit hair, through this setting convey the themes that women are object of entertainment
·         The physical setting where Lakunle teaching his student in the classroom going to seduce the beautiful girl called Sidi , through this physical setting the writing has used to convey the theme that some teacher like Lakunle are irresponsible
a) Symbols
1.      Sadiku unopened treasure house this symbolize virginity to Sadiku which Okiki failed to remove and still claimed to be her husband, through this symbol conveys the theme of oppression of women
2.      Okiki rusted key said by Sadiku to Sidi to symbolize male reproductive organ of Okiki which seems to be too old thus why he failed to remove. Sadiku virginity ,This symbolize convey the theme oppression of women
3.      The action of Lakunle to agree to marry Sidi, Even though she is no longer a virgin symbolize moral decay into real society where many women are married but they are no longer virgin.
4.      The action of Sidi to praise the old man Baroka after removing her virginity and refusing to go to young men like Lakunle symbolize the importance of virginity in the society to help to keep faithful in the marriage.
b) Metaphor
1.      This is seen through Lakunle when he say to Sidi ( romance is the sweetening of the soul age) this metaphor convey the theme of love which Lakunle had to Sidi
2.      Baroka says to Sidi I told Sadiku my faithful lizard that I’m Important
3.      I knew she could not keep the secrets through this metaphor convey the message in the society that women cannot keep secret
b) Irony
1.      It is seen when Sidi who expected Baroka is importance that is why she agreed cheaply to send her virginity to Baroka , Baroka removed Sidi's virginity it convey the message of hypocrisy in the society
2.      Another irony is seen through sadiku who expected Baroka is importance ,this led her to assure sidi to go to mock Baraka through this irony conveys the themes of betray which is done by different people in the society.
d) Euphemism
1.      This is shown through Sadiku word to Sidi when she told her the way she scotched Okiki she say Sadiku’s unopened treasure house demanded scarifies Okiki came with his rusted key and went back like a rag (pg 32).through this euphemism convey the message of oppression of women through the failure of Okiki to remove Sadiku’s virginity.
e) Hyperbole
1.      This is shown through Lakunle who said to Sidi, my heart burst into flower with my love (pg6) this hyperbole convey the message of love which Lakunle has to Sidi.
2.      Another hyperbole is seen when Lakunle said to Sidi “Sidi swear you will be my wife and I will stand against earth, Heaven and nine hells (pg6)” through this hyperbole shown the theme of love which Lakunle wise to Sidi.
f) Under statement
·         It is seen when Lakunle say to Sidiku though you are nearly seventy your mind is simple and unformed (pg37), This understatement has been used to show that changes in any society is possible however much people are old.
g) Imagery
a.       Image of love is seen when Lakunle says to Sidi that my heart burst into flower with my love ,through this imagery conveys the theme of love .
b.      Image of oppression of women in the society which is seen through Okiki who failed to remove Sadiku’s virginity but He claimed her to be his wife.
c.       Image of love is also seen through the voice of Sidi while making love with Baroka, Sidi sings yokolu yokolu, okoyoke … (pg 44).
h) Proverb
a.       I cannot make myself a cheap bowl for the village (pg7) that proverbs is used to means that Sidi can not give herself to every man.
b.      Example “Old wine thrives within a new Bottle”.
i) Personification
a.       This seen through Lakunle when he says heaven strike me deal earth open and swallow Lakunle (pg60) through this personification convey the theme of disappointment.
b.      Sidi says heaven forgive you do you scorn child bearing in a Wife (pg8) this personification convey the message into the society that People should marry for the sake of life and not for Children so as to avoid conflict when it happens one between the two is unable to bear Children.
The plot is chronological which has involved the use of some flash backs and fore shadowing
a.       Flash back is seen when Okiki Sadiku says Okiki failed to remove her virginity through this flash back convey the theme of oppression
b.      Used of fore shadowing,Is seen when Lakunle predicted that Baroka is not important and later Baroka , Removes Sidi’s virginity this fore shadowing conveys the message not be hyperbole like Sidi who has gone to mock Baroka.
The Content in the Lion and the Jewel                                                        

Oppression and humiliation of women
This is shown though Baroka who is married in polygamy and using his youngest wife to pluck his armpit hair which is regarded as the special,also oppression of women is shown by Baroka by sending Sidi to be Barokas wife.
It occurs in the following aspect:
·         Sadiku has betrayed her husband Baroka by going to expose the secret of impotence of Baroka to Sidi .
·         Lakunle has betrayed his custom and traditions after being educated he refused to pay bride price of Sidi as he says paying bride price is implying to buy a woman.
·         Sidi has betrayed Lakunle by expecting to marry him but later she refuses to marry Lakunle and married Baroka the man who has removed her virginity.
·         Betrayal is shown through Lagos women who are using lip sticks and wearing heeled shoes by doing so they are betraying their culture.
Role and position of women
·         Women are oppressed class this is shown through Sadiku who has been sent by her husband to seduce Sidi to became Baroka’s youngest wife.
·         Women are objects of Entertainment, this is shown through Baroka who uses his youngest wife Ailatu to entertained him by plucking his armpit hair.
·         Women are defending their culture , this is seen through Sidi who refused to be kissed by Lakunle which implies western culture
·         Women are oppressed class; this is shown through Sadiku who has been sent by her husband to seduce Sidi to become Baroka youngest wife.
·         Women are ignorant, this shown by sadiku who mites said she could not read and write.
·         Women have no common stand, This is shown by Sidi whom at first she accepted to marry Lakunle but later she refused him and marry Baroka.
True love
This is shown by Lakunle who agreed to marry sidi even after Baroka removed Sidi’s virginity, Lakunle says to Sidi my love to you is not the love of the flesh it is love of the soul.
It occurred in the following aspect:
·         Sidi against Lakunle because Lakunle doesn’t want to pay bride price Sidi.
·         Sadiku against Lakunle because Sadiku claims that Lakunle has taught Sidi to refuse to marry Baroka by claiming that Baroka is older than Sidi.
·         Baroka against Lakunle, Because Lakunle want to marry Sidi the girl who is also loved by Baroka.
·         This shown through Sidi who has been protesting the idea of western culture to be kissed by Lakunle she says it is unclean
·         Also Sidi protected the idea of Lakunle to marry her without the bride price because that would means that she has no virgin
·         Lakunle protested the customs and tradition of paying the bride price
·         This shown through Sidi who has been protesting the idea of western culture to be kissed by Lakunle she says it is unclean
·         Also Sidi protected the idea of Lakunle to marry her without the bride price because that would means that she has no virgin
·         Lakunle protected the customs and tradition of paying the bride price
·         This is shown through Baroka who pretend to be importance which has led Sidi to go mock him as a result she has been removed her virginity.
·         Also hypocrisy is shown by Sidi having heard that Baroka is importance she has gone to mock her which cause her virginity to be removed.
·         Hypocrisy is also shown by Sadiku who pretend to be sorry after Baroka to tell her is importance but later she has gone to tell Sidi happily to go mock Baroka.
Bad customs and traditions
This is seen when the villagers of Ilunjike beliefs that a man who has removed the virginity of a girl is the one who suppose to marry her, this what has affected Sidi whose her virginity has been removed by old man Baroka who later married her.
This is shown in the play though Baroka who has married many wives Sadiku and Ailatu later Sidi.
This is shown in the play through Lakunle who has alienated himself from his society after being educated by refusing to pay bride price.
·         Love doesn’t ask why Lakunle vs. Sidi
·         Don’t trust women, e.g. Lakunle was betrayed by Sidi
·         Be a good leader to solve people's problem and not to solve your only problem e.g. Baroka.
We have leaders in Tanzania who use their power to humiliate other people. The police officers are good examples of people who use their power to punish those who compete with them in love. The issue of dowry payment is common to most of the African families. There are people who have failed to marry the girls they love due to lack of money to pay bride price.
There is a tendency of old people in our society to be in love with young girls. This has partly been contributed by poverty and influence of money and power. The rate of young girls engaging in love with old men is increasing in different parts of the country. Changes in any community are inevitable, yet there are people who are conservative and reluctant to accept new changes, especially the old generation. Polygamy and prostitution are common practices in our society. People are not faithful to their lovers.



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