TIME : 1964
·         Brother Jero is a false /fake prophets
·         He users his position to deceive, Exploit, oppress his followers due to their ignorance e.g. Chume and Amope worshippers
·         Therefore brother Jero does not only represent evil religious leader but also political leader in Africa who are not transparent honest and accountable to their people
Brother Jero or Jero boam
·         The mains or central character
·         He is the man, good personality with power in speech
·         He is a beach divine lacking church preceding bin the open in the public
·         Brother Jero is a womanizer who is always after women
·         He is a false prophet
·         He represents not only fake religious leader but also political leaders in Africa
·         She is Chume wife
·         She is a petty trader who earns a living from her small trade
·         She present all those who are discriminated oppressed and exploited in the world
·         She is a strong and courageous women
·         She represents conscious women who can differentiate between right and wrong value in the society
·         He is a husband of Amope
·         He is chief message in the local government office
·         He is assistant to brother Jero in the religious matter in the church
·         He represents devoted Christians
·         He represents ignorant people in the society
·         He is poor and petty because of ignorance and laziness
Fish seller / fish monger / women trader
·         She is a poor women who lives by selling fish
·         She represents all petty trader who works in difficult condition such as food vendors
·         She is in conflict with Amope
Drummer boy
·         He is poor beggar who lives by begging
·         He represent all poor people in any society
·         Such people are sometimes forgotten and neglected in our societies
Member of parliament ( mp)
·         This is a politician who got minister post and political Fame from Brother Jero’s Prayers.
·         He is a lazy Leader, He always sit at back bencher.
·         These are jero’s followers who are ignorant
·         They trust brother Jero in all aspects
·         They do not know that brother Jero is a Liar, Exploiter, Oppressor and Hypocrite.
·         They are ignorant people
·         They also lazy
·         They think their success comes as result of religious miracles
·         They are also represent the society on the public that thinks that success comes as a result religious miracles
The play is set in Nigeria in urban area during pre - colonial era
The title of this play " the trial of Brother Jero " it reflects Africa religions which emerged nowadays because of private gain, e.g.Brother Jero represents fake Prophets, who use religions matter to gain wreath and fame,
·         Use of biblical words

The Content in the Trial of Brother Jero

Misuse of religion
The play has shown that some people like brother Jero, misuse religion to exploit, the ignorant mass that cannot notice their malicious promises and advice which is geared towards their own economic gain and social welfare
In the play we see brother Jero betrayed old prophet who teaches him to became a prophet by chasing him out of the land at the beach, Jero then takes ownership of the land and establish his church , also brother Jero betray his own profession by going against the ethics of his religions
Brother Jero uses people to exploited them because they provide him money ,and even sometimes he called this worshipers my customer because he get money from them. In addition brother Jero buys velvet cup from Amope on credit promoting her that he would pay her within a few days ,But time comes he seems reluctant to pay Amope.
In this play hypocrisy is portrayed by brother Jero who deceives people that he is poor, while he has five houses and a true prophet, he said that he is prophet by birth and inclination
·         Brother Jero deceive Chume that he will be promoted to another high rank with a better income through prayer
In the play Amope is oppressed by brother Jero, this is shown when he refuses to pay the money he won her at the right time because he believe that a women is weak
·         In addition Amope is also seen oppressed by her husband , this is seen when Chume forces her to go back home with the intention of beating her when he reaches home.
Ignorance means lack of knowledge information and conscious in this play worshipers are ignorant because they don’t understand that brother Jero was a liar and a womanizer and a false prophet also ignorance is portrayed through Amope and her husband (Chume) as well as the women trader (fish monger) .
Conflict refers to the misunderstanding between two opposite side or more or is a quarrel fight disagreement misunderstand in interests between people or group.There are lots of conflicts in the play as follows:
·         There is conflict between the old prophet and brother Jero: The conflict occurs when brother Jero succeed in getting a land offer from the local government and decide to chase away the old prophet
·         There is a conflict between Amope and her husband (Chume): This is a family conflict, the conflict is due to difficulties that they face in life and Chumes lack moral and tolerance to Amope
·         There is a conflicts between Amope and women trader ( fish monger), when passing with a basket of fish on her head , Amope calls her so that he can buy fish while assisting her to put down the basket to contracting with fish. Amope notice a bad smell from fish and despises the fish so as to influence a discount ,the women trader say that smell doesn’t come from fish instead it is Amope herself who has not taken a shower for some days mistreatment result into a big quarrel between them.
The position and the role of a women
·         Women are portrayed as wicked, they are compared with Eve, Delilah and Jezebel from the reference made by brother Jero.It seems that women do lead men to commit sins as brother Jero comments on discussing girl who tend to be naked before him.
·         African women are also are portrayed as ignorant, oppressed and humiliated as seen in the play by what brother Jero does to Amope , he takes a velvet cup from her credit promising to play money in few days later. Amope it also oppressed by her husband, this is seen when Chume forces her to go back home with an intention of beating her when he reachs home.
·         Don’t trust anyone in terms of money e.g. brother Jero
·         Be aware of fake prophet
·         Be a good leader not a lazy leader e.g. MP



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