Physics and mathematics are a compulsory subject in many fields like engineering. Physics is a main branch of science that deals with motion, matter, and energy. Physics subjects are divided into two parts, first is the theory and the other is numerical.

Students easily learn the theory of physics but they face difficulties while solving numerical problems, because, these problems contain calculations. The same implies to mathematics. Some students skip numerical sections just due to fear of large calculations.

Lack of interest in numerical physics results in bad grades. Due to numerical problems and formula derivations, students tend to avoid Physics when choosing their majors. If they are in it, they miss their classes due to the incomplete homework given by the teacher.

This causes attendance shortage and they are unable to sit in exams. While some students decide to change the course by wasting the academic year. They also face difficulties in completing their assignments.

To solve numerical problems of physics and math, there are several online tools available. These tools provide a step-by-step result of the given problems. You can easily understand the basic formulas and solution methods through online tools.

In this article, we’ll list the three best physics & math tools that can be used to calculate physics problems.


AllMath is a website that provides calculators of several subjects. You can use this tool for getting the solution of numerical problems of physics and math. This website is very helpful for those students who have lack interest in numerical problems.

Here are some physics tools that are offered by AllMath.

  • Velocity calculator
  • Kinematic viscosity calculator
  • Kepler’s third law calculator
  • Kinetic energy calculator
  •  Kinetic friction calculator
  • Moment of force calculator
  • Moment of inertia calculator
  • Newton’s second law of motion calculator
  • Physical pendulum calculator
  • Potential energy calculator

The physics tools that are available on this site provide the numerical result of the given problems in a few seconds. The result must be according to the formulas. For example, if you want to solve the numerical problems of the moment of force, you have to search the moment of force calculator from the search box.

The required tool will be open and you have only to put the values of the numerical problems in the boxes and the result will be in front of you in a few seconds by clicking on the calculate button. Similarly, for any physic topic follow the above procedure.

You can read the content of the tools for grabbing all the basics of the required topics. The content of the tools provides almost everything about the topic along with the solved examples.

You can also use this website for solving the problems of chemistry, statistics, mathematics, and other educational conversions and calculations. You can also change the language of this site. Blogs are also available on this source to provide full guidance related to discussed topics.

All tools offered by this source are free of cost and can calculate unlimited questions. By using this website, you can solve the problems of assignments and can prepare yourself for the exams.

2. is an online source to solve numerical problems related to math, physics, chemistry, and statistics. You can use this source to calculate complex numerical physics with steps. This site is divided into ten categories.

You can use physics calculators on this site that are available in the physics category. The other categories that this site provides are math, health, real estate, chemistry, conversions, informative, finance, fitness, and construction.

Here are tools that are offered by

  • Ohms law calculator
  • Half-life calculator
  • Kinetic energy calculator
  • Force calculator
  • Flow rate calculator
  • Brake horsepower calculator
  • Bernoulli numbers calculator
  • Nusselt number calculator

The physics tools that are offered by this site provide full guidance about the given problems through content. You can also open the blog section of this site to read education articles. The articles that are present in the blog of this source are very valuable for the readers.

The other categories have several educational tools that are very helpful for solving mathematics and daily life calculation. Here are some educational tools that are offered by this site.

  • Percentage increase calculator
  • Triangle area calculator
  • Rectangle area calculator
  • Boolean algebra calculator
  • Order of operations calculator
  • Least to greatest calculator
  • Chemical equation balancer calculator
  • Thermotical yield calculator
  •  Million billion lakh crore converter

Like AllMath, this website is also free to use. You can solve any kind of problem by using this site without any payment.


A standard form calculator is used to convert the larger numbers or smaller numbers in standard form. A standard form is a topic used to write smaller or larger numbers in an easy way. You can use this tool for solving the standard form problems of physics.

The standard form calculator provides four kinds of results along with the standard form.

  • Real number
  • Scientific notation
  • E notation
  • Engineering notation

This calculator also has content and blogs from where you can easily grab all the concepts about the standard form. The numerical problems of this topic can easily be solved by using this calculator.

Here are some other tools that are offered by the standard form calculator.

  • Sig fig calculator
  • Rational and irrational calculator
  • Scientific notation calculator
  • Quadric formula calculator
  • Vertex form calculator
  • Equation solver calculator
  • PEMDAS calculator
  • Polynomial standard form calculator

By using these tools, you can easily solve several questions. Preparation of the exam or assignment or presentation of standard form can be done by using this tool. You can also use this tool for getting the solution to any complex problem of the standard form.

The standard form calculator is free of cast and charges no money for solving a larger number of questions. You can solve hundreds of standard form problems without any payment.


The above-mentioned list of the three best physics & math calculator sites are very beneficial for the students. You can visit these websites for solving numerical problems as well as to complete your assignments.



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